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Patio Doors
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You'll be impressed by what you see the Goldenvinyl Patio Door...it has a style of its own. A door that is as functional as it is durable and energy efficient. Whether it be new construction or a replacement door, you'll be pleased by the ease in which you transform an ordinary room into one that's truly exceptional.

Our attractive exterior and interior pull handles are strong and sturdy to make opening and closing a cinch. The color-coded thumb latch lets you see at a glance whether the door is locked. Options include a keyed lock or easy-to-install safety bar.

Wood over wood
Goldenvinyl gives you all the benefits of wood's strength and natural insulating properties and combines it with low maintenance PVC so you'll never have to paint.

The specially designed Goldenvinyl interlock prevents air and water leakage where the two panels meet. Rigid and flexible vinyl combine to keep the cold out and the warmth in. Steel reinforcing gives added strength and stability.

The Goldenvinyl sliding door uses double pile weatherstripping at all critical points to keep drafts out. And our weatherstripping is easy to replace if necessary.

Thermally Broken Sill
Golden Patio Door sills start with a solid wood base and then they cover them with a heavy prepainted aluminum on the outside and a solid PVC thermal break to the inside. A raised interior stainless steel track complements the finger-tip sliding motion.

Tandem Rollers
The Goldenvinyl sliding door is one of the heaviest and most rugged on the market, so it needs something substantial to roll on. The self-lubricating tandem rollers allow easy operation and provide for vertical adjustment of the rolling panel.

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