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Glass Basin Showroom

Goldon Windows and Mirrors offers a unique, thoroughly conceived, and very high-quality modular bathroom countertop, bowl and console product line. The careful selection of materials, its versatility and ability to be flexibly combined with other furniture can bring a whole new range of fresh perspectives in the design of your bathroom.

Glass and Stainless-Steel, the main components of our products, offer several advantages that we would like to acquaint you with on these pages.

Hygiene   is one of the most important aspects that these materials can guarantee 100%. Glass and stainless-steel are counted among the most hygienic materials; an argument that carries a great deal of weight, especially in this area of application.
Quality   is a feature where we refuse to compromise.  This will be apparent to you when you take a close look at our bathroom consoles, bowls and countertops. The pure glass countertops and solid stainless-steel consoles are manufactured in small series.  Due to the manufacturing process each glass bowl is unique and the consoles are so precise and exact that they can be easily mounted to any suitable wall.  Connecting the countertops and consoles is also very easy. These products truly represent the perfect harmony of design and function.
Nobel   combinations of glass and stainless-steel have long inspired much of modern architecture.  Both are high-quality material whose attractiveness, especially together, seems to grow over time and have continually gained importance in both architecture and interior design.
Clean Lines   are not only one of the basic principles of our company but also characterize our products.  Goldon Windows and Mirrors offers something for every taste and every room without you having to exclude other decor concepts.  It is the right choice when you are planning a comprehensive and uniform design for your bathroom facilities.
Versatility   does not mean you have to make compromises with beauty and quality. Our product line is ample proof.  You can select from 49 different countertops and 10 console variations to find the individual combination that best suits your needs.
Beauty   is often said to be in the eye of the beholder.  We can assure you, however, that we have something to offer for almost everyone's taste.  Our products can be combined with a wide range of decor due to their timeless style and classical lines.


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