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Goldenvinyl is not just another vinyl window line! Golden drew on the combined experience of their engineering, production and marketing groups to develop a series of windows and patio doors that serve the new home buyer and the retrofit industry.

Golden created a complete family of vinyl products that were designed and engineered to be unlike any in the industry, with solid construction and flexibility, while offering a host of options. We then glazed them with premium warm edged Super Spacer® and priced them to offer truly great value.

The better the window, the more critical the edge of the window. It's a small strip' in an insulating glass unit, but it has a major impact on it's performance and long-term durability.

Super Spacer warm edge technology focuses on the perimeter of the unit, where spacer design and construction can reduce heat loss significantly. This ultra performance foamed material is proven to have the lowest thermal conductivity of any edge spacer, through independent lab tests.

However, just as important is the overall integrity of the edge seal to ensure its extended lifetime. Super Spacer® offers excellent UV resistance, temperature stability and high levels of desiccant activity. It is applied to the glass with an acrylic adhesive for structural strength and backed up by a secondary butyl seal, one of the industries most effective vapour barriers.

With the ultimate in a dual-seal system, you can have the confidence in Golden's 2/10 Distance Warranty.

Advanced insulating glass systems for today's most advanced windows.

Goldenglass is one of the most modern and effective glazing systems available to reduce heat loss, ultraviolet damage to furnishings and winter-time condensation.

This modern technology incorporates warm-edge Super Spacer®, a microthin Low E coating on the glass and an argon gas-filled air space.

The combination of Low E, argon gas and Super Spacer® add to the Super Window concept. Goldenglass® works to maintain a higher center of glass temperature and warm-edge spacer does its part improving the perimeter of the glass. More comfort, less ultraviolet effect, less heat loss and condensation are resulting benefits.

Other popular options:

A. Brickmould with built-in siding receptacle.
B. Interior pine or drywall receptacle.

Aluminum grilles are placed within the insulating glass.
Two designs available in a choice of two colors.

Laminated taupe color exterior available on all window products.
(Patio Doors solid color throughout)

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click for more details The Goldenvinyl Casement is our most popular window.

* includes:  Casement Picture,  Built-up Picture,  Angle Bay,  Bow            and Transom windows.

click for more details Awnings projected sash allows windows to be open on rainy days.

You'll be impressed by what you see in the Goldenvinyl Patio Doors...they have a style of their own.

Add a personal signature to your building project with the use of distinctive shapes.

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