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Sash and Adjustment Features

The heart of Goldenwood® and Goldenclad® Tilt Windows can be found in the balance system. They have taken the technology of a smooth operating block and tackle balance and incorporated into it a reliable and easy tilting action. Working in tandem with a friction-free locking shoe and a permanent frame adjustment jack, Goldenwood® and Goldenclad® can provide a smooth operating vent while maintaining critical weatherstripping design tolerances. And perhaps best of all, these features can be found in both the upper and lower sash, as they both operate, tilt and remove easily.

Removed sash are easily repalced as the locking shoe engages in-place. Slide the pivot bar of the removed sash into the locking shoe, tilt to a vertical position, and the window is now back to the operating mode. It really couldn't be easier.

But the benifits don't stop with the balance system...

Installed permanently in the window frame are two jamb jacks to facilitate installation into the wall, and to provide lifetime adjustment in case of settling or wall shrinkage.

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