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  Windows :  Wood and Clad

...they have the "Edge"

The better the window, the more critical the edge of the window. It's a small strip in an insulating glass unit, but it has a major impact on it's performance and long-term durability.

Super Spacer® warm edge technology focuses on the perimeter of the unit, where spacer design and construction can reduce heat loss significantly. This ultra performance foamed material is proven to have the lowest thermal conductivity of any edge spacer, through independent lab tests.

However, just as important is the overall integrity of the edge seal to ensure its extended lifetime. Super Spacer® offers excellent UV resistance, temperature stability and high levels of desiccant activity. It is applied to the glass with an acrylic adhesive for structural strength and backed up by a secondary butyl seal, one of the industries most effective vapour barriers.

With the ultimate in a dual-seal system, you can have the confidence in Golden's 2/10 Distance Warranty.

Advanced insulating glass systems for today's most advanced windows.

Goldenglass® is one of the most modern and effective glazing systems available to reduce heat loss, ultraviolet damage to furnishings and winter-time condensation.

This modern technology incorporates warm-edge Super Spacer®, a microthin Low E coating on the glass and an argon gas-filled air space.

The combination of Low E, argon gas and Super Spacer® add to the Super Window concept. Goldenglass® works to maintain a higher center of glass temperature and warm-edge spacer does its part improving the perimeter of the glass. More comfort, less ultraviolet effect, less heat loss and condensation are resulting benefits.

...we believe they've added to it's beauty!

To craft Goldenwood® and Goldenclad® window products they begin with the beauty of straight-grained, fine textured pine from the majestic pine stands of North America. And to enhance its inherent beauty they choose only clear pine, shape it with razor-sharp milling knives, and glue and back-nail interior components so as not to mar their surfaces. When we install Golden Windows' products, you can easily add the final touch with any paint or stain color to indulge your decorating taste.

Unforturately, when you remove the bark from the tree you also remove their protection from the elements. But Golden's designers have helped nature by fitting aluminum cladding, available in four distinctive colors, to the exterior of their sash and frames, adding a real bonus of protection and freedom from painting for the lifetime of your home. Golden also introduces a preservative to all sash and frame components to add a further dimension of protection, particularly if your choice is an all-wood exterior.

Include Golden Grilles for added design appeal. Choice of removable clear pine with full surround, or prefinished aluminum sealed permanently between the two lites of glass. In addition to the popular divided lite Colonial pattern, we also offer the unique Victorian styl. Internal grilles are available in dark-brown, white or almond, while the room-side mounted wood grilles can be painted or stained as you wish.

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click for more details In Golden's Tilt Double-Hung you will find the warmth and character of early period architecture with the modern development of a balanced, tilting sash removal system that has few equals.

click for more details Add a personal signature to your building project with the use of distinctive shapes.

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