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Binswanger Mirror's 48 year effort to produce the finest mirror products available has again taken a major step forward with their exciting, new mirror protection called ScarGard®. Using this new, space-age technology, mirror scratching, which often occurs during manufacturing, installation or fabrication, has been drastically reduced. ScarGard® from Binswanger Mirror is a protective barrier applied to the mirror's front surface which is extremely tough and exceptionally smooth. ScarGard® protection is totally invisible. It never discolors or alters the reflective quality of the mirror. What's more, the smoother ScarGard® surface stays cleaner and allows the mirror lites to slide from the packing case much easier.

ScarGard® protection is available on all Binswanger mirrors at no additional cost. So, get some relief from your scratching problems, insist on ScarGard® protected products from Binswanger Mirror.

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