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Mirrors can create a greater degree of visual impact than any other decorator medium. In the hands of an imaginative designer, mirrors can be used to shape expand, emphasize, accent and more. And, the elegant beauty they create is timeless, their outstanding visual transformations can be enjoyed for years...they are never out-of-date. Mirrors are also extremely versatile. They are well suited to virtually any decor or setting, and with the recent addition of ACI Distribution's ScarGard®, the new molecular mirror surface protection, mirrors are no longer as vulnerable to damage as they once were.

ScarGard is a process that alters the molecular structure of the mirror's surface making it tougher and much easier to maintain. In addition, the harder, smoother surface created by ScarGard® resists clinging dirt and dust and makes cleaning a breeze. So, when areas in your home or office need a change, consider the visual advantages available only with mirrors. No other medium can alter, enhance or expand with the same dramatic results as mirrors. No other medium offers the design flexibility and versatility of mirrors. And, no other medium will consistently conform to ever-changing style trends regardless of the directions they take.

Virtually any room in your home can benefit from the imaginative use of mirrors. Because of their exceptional versatility, mirrors can provide an elegant addition to walls or ceilings, inside bookshelves, around counters... you name it, mirrors can make a striking improvement. True, confined areas receive a more dramatic impact with mirrors, but even large rooms where few visual restrictions exist can benefit from their use. So, fight off those old-fashioned ideas and let your imagination soar. The finished results will be astonishing and your newly improved field-of-view will be amazing.

Click here for mirror application samples.

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