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Swinging Patio Door Construction

Sill Seal
The Goldenguard Sill eliminates ugly door sweeps and corner seals forever while incorporating a unique and highly efficient drainage systeml. Closing the door seals the sides, top and sill completely to the weather and any minor water penetration is drained harmlessly to the outside. And the foamed-in-place polyurethane door core adds to the stability and overall insulating qualities of the Swinging Patio Entry.

Completing the insulating excellence is the long-lasting dependability of compression foam weatherstripping. This superior weatherstripping system is another reason why the Swinging Patio Entry has one of the best air infiltration ratings in the industry.

Energy savings are assured...so is comfort and safety. That's because every unit has two lites of 4 mm tempered safety glass, separated by a half-inch of insulating air space.

Swinging Patio Entries come complete with a heavy-duty sliding screen. It features non-glare fiberglass screen, and smooth-operating steel adjustable rollers.

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